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Trevor is a Santa Monica born Southern California Native. He moved to Simi Valley when he was 12, and seems destined to remain. He graduated from Simi High, became an Eagle Scout, and when he was 19, he left Simi and served as a missionary in South America, where he became fluent in Spanish. Trevor graduated in 1990 from CSUN with a degree in Business Real Estate.

He has a colorful background where he gained valuable insight in several careers. The 10 years he worked as a Private Investigator taught him how to deal with people from all walks of life. His photography career allowed him to begin to unleash his creative skills on the world. That career launched him into becoming and instructor for video editing in Hollywood. There, he was forced to learn patience. Lots and lots of patience.

Teaching video editing gave him the connections to work in the entertainment industry as an editor for marketing campaigns for some of Hollywood’s top films. Trevor has 15 years of experience as an editor. While editing, Trevor found a complimentary skill – voice over. He has narrated audio books, documentaries, web videos and TV spots for over two dozen feature films. It’s a passion Trevor still pursues.

Trevor is very active in his church, where he teaches Sunday School for the youth. He is a big family guy. He’s married to the beautiful Leila, and they have six children. If you run into Trevor in Simi, there’s a good chance you’ll find him with his Border Collie, Saphira. Saphira is a very close second to the wife and kids. Trevor loves people, knows marketing and social media, and has a passion for real estate and helping others. Let him help you.

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