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One of the most important qualities of great leadership is being willing to do what’s unpopular. One of the greatest leaders in history at the time of his leadership may have been one of the most unpopular people to serve in his position – Abraham Lincoln. Now he’s viewed by scholars as one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history.

He lost elections for several different political offices before being elected president by one of the lowest popular margins in history. He was ridiculed and attacked by the press. One editor even suggested that someone stab Lincoln.

But because he was willing to do what was unpopular – even within his own party and at the cost of friendships, he became the man who “saved the union and emancipated the slaves”.

Where would we be today if he only did what was popular?

The willingness to do what is right and go against the grain is not only an important trait for a president – but also for an entrepreneur, manager, team captain, parent or as an example to our peers.

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