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Benefits of Adding a Dog to Your Home.

Posted by Leila Jones in Simi Valley, Simi Valley local

find a home leila jones realtorfind a home leila jones realtor

We profile dogs that are available at our local rescue. Please let us know if you know anyone who can open their heart and home to one of these incredible animals.

Benefits of being a Dog Owner



Dogs hair are filled with germs.  This is good news!  Exposure to the doses of germs in the dog helps us as owners build immunity to germs.  Studies show that pet owners are sick less and recover faster.



While dogs can be one of the worst triggers for people with allergies, growing up in a house with a dog makes children less likely to have allergies.  A family picture for us always included our dogs.  Toni and Riley were both rescue puppies.

jones family rescue dogs


3. BE HAPPIERDog owners are less likely to suffer from depression.  Just looking at your pets face can trigger happy emotions.  The day to day need to provide care for a pet can ward off depression.   With my rescue puppy Jonesie, I said I needed him and he needed me.





Just petting a dog can decrease blood pressure.  Everything about owning a dog seems to lend itself to better heart health.



The walk!  Dogs require frequent and regular exercise.  Most dogs require a minimum of two 30 minute walks a day.  Dogs are great workout partners.


6. Dog lovers unite !

There is something uniting and social about owning a dog.  In recent years many cities have realized the social element of dog ownership.  Dog parks are increasingly popular.

Simi Valley Dog Park details:  //

Moorpark Dog Park details:

Thousand Oaks Dog Park details:  //www.crpdorg/parkfac/parks/dogpark.asp


find a home leila jones realtor

7.  Dogs at work increase productivity!

First it was casual Friday, now it bring a dog to work.  The benefits of dogs at work are numerous.  Studies show lower stress levels, greater productivity, and greater amounts of energy.

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