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April 15, 2016No Comments

Don’t Worry! Just Relax.

Posted by Trevor Jones in Monday Morning Motivation

This past weekend while Trevor was visiting Indy in Utah, far from home in Simi Valley, he was pulled over.


Normally, anxiety prone Trevor would have kind of stressed out. Expensive ticket. Raised insurance rates. Oh my. But for some reason, maybe the joy of being around Indiana Jones, he was relaxed. He didn’t even try to talk the officer out of the ticket. He was just… nice!

“Do you know how fast you were going?”

“I’m guessing too fast based on the flashing lights”, Trevor replied with a friendly smile.

The officer said “When you passed me, you were going over 80… ”  Oops.

Trevor handed over his license and registration and accepted the fact that he was getting a ticket. Shortly thereafter, the officer returned, obviously with the ticket. But wait! It wasn’t a ticket! Just a written warning! Who’s even heard of such a thing?

Some unknown smart guy once said “99% of the things we worry about never happen.” So stop worrying and just hang loose, like Indy!


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