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February 10, 2016 No Comments


Posted by Trevor Jones in about the Jones Home Collective, Blog

Our youngest daughter, Ashy, is in Hawaii going to school.  She wanted a car and was able to scrape the money together to buy one. But daddy wasn’t with her to make the purchase, so it turns out the car wasn’t quite what she was lead to believe.  It had a couple serious issues the seller was clearly aware of and lied about.

Ashlynn was upset.  Trevor was FURIOUS. How could this guy take advantage of his little girl, 2500 miles away from home? Trevor wanted to swim across the Pacific right then and rip the guy’s heart out of his chest.  Or have him arrested for fraud.  Or at least sue him.  But a little time passed, Trevor chilled, plus he only made about 1/2 mile of the 2500 mile swim.  : )

Besides realizing that no one would arrest the seller, and we had no chance in court, Trevor realized that sometimes you need to just let things go.  This life is really short, and getting worked up and angry over relatively small things will just make life even shorter.  It’s far easier to follow one of Christ’s most basic teachings and forgive.  Then move on.  Forgiveness brings peace.  And isn’t that what we all really want anyway?

May you have a fantastically peaceful week!

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