November 2016 Real Estate Market Update

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November 2016 Real Estate Market Update

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November 2016 Real Estate Market Update For Simi Valley, LA & Ventura Counties


Mortgage Rates


Who is the worlds largest land owner?

What impact to US Treasury yields have on mortgage rates?

What happened to rates after the election? Listen or watch to find out!



Median Prices

LA County – Oct $545K up .9% from prior moth, up 7.5% from last year.
Ventura – Oct: $552k up 4.3% from prior month, up 8% from a year ago.
Simi – Oct: $535k up 7.4% from prior month, up 7% from a year ago.


Simi – 1.8 months – up from 1.7 months prior month
Ventura – 2.3 months – down from 2.4 months prior month
LA – 2.4 months – up from 2.3 months prior month

Average 30 Fixed Rate Mortgage:

Before election on Nov 7: 3.58%
As of Nov 18: 4.12%
Fed didn’t raise rates last meeting. They meet again in December. Indications are they may raise rates. President Elect Trump feels rates have been held down artificially too long.

Who Owns More Land Than Anyone On Earth?

Queen Elizabeth


Queen Elizabeth of England is the legal owner of 6.6 billion acres, 1/6 the land on earth. She’s the only person to own entire countries, including countries that aren’t her domestic territory. Also, she doesn’t really own it, the Crown does. And they can’t really do anything with it. But still, we’d love to be HER realtors!



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