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Organize Simply With Tracy-House for sale on the MLS make it stand out

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We LOVE having Tracy as part of our team.   When you meet Tracy she eeks excitement when talking organizing.  Quote “I LOVE creating places for things!  I love to Organize!  Watching someone get excited after I have helped them clear out things that don’t belong and helped them turn this same space into something beautiful, makes me SO happy!  I can almost see stress roll off their shoulders and there isn’t a better feeling in the world!”

Make your home standout out on the MLS.  Organized and declutter goes a long way.  It’s one of the most inexpensive ways to get your home ready to sell to get you top dollar.  Organized clean homes show better and stand out above their competitors.

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Tracy recently did a presentation for us.  These are her tips for being organized.

1)  EVERYTHING you own should have a home.

“A place for everything and everything in it’s place.”

2)  Only keep things that are absolutely necessary or give you joy.

get rid of everything else.

3)  Keep “like” thing together.

4)  Open mail right away, right next to the recycle bin.

5)  Don’t  “over” organize.  Keep it simple.

6)  ONLY buy store bins and supplies after a plan has been made and

your space has been measured.

7)  Remove store labels and tags off your bins and supplies.  They give a

sense of clutter to your space.

8)  Purchase a label maker.

9)  Make your bed everyday.

10)  Always put your house to bed before you go to bed.

11)  One thing comes in, one thing goes out.

12)  Organize in a way that makes sense to you.

13)  Keep a donation box in your laundry room.

14)  Let go of perfectionism.   Just get it done.  It’s not worth the time to

do it perfectly.

15)  Break projects down into manageable chunks.  Set deadlines for

yourself.  Set a timer..GO.  Reward yourself.

16)  Have a planner or at least ONE notepad to write your notes in.

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