Sept 2016 Real Estate Market Update

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Sept 2016 Real Estate Market Update

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Time for our monthly Real Estate Market Update!

In the podcast and video, Leila teases you about the tiniest home in our MLS…  Which is this one:

September 2016 Real Estate Market Update - Tiny House


Then, Trevor rocks the September 2016 Real Estate Market UpdatSeptember 2016 Real Estate Market Update - outhousee for Simi Valley and Ventura/LA Counties:

For Ventura County, the median price of a home sold last month was $550k, Up 2.8% from the prior month and up 5.8% from last year.

In Simi Valley, the median price was $520k last month, up 1% from July and up 7.2% from a year ago.

In LA county, there’s been no change for the last 3 months – the September 2016 Real Estate Market Update - Get Away From It Allmedian price of a home sold was $550 for all of the last three months. But the price was up 6.4% from a year ago.

In Ventura and LA counties, inventory is down a tiny bit with just over 2 months supply in both places. Here at home in Simi, inventory was down 10.6% to 1.7 months supply.

So… with prices going up and only around a 2 month supply of houses what does that mean? Buyers, sellers or neutral market?… Oh come on… you should know this by now…. Yes! A seller’s market! ding ding ding

You’ll see different stats nationally – what happens here is rarely what happens “on average” across the country. National real estate news has some value, but if you’re staying around here, follow whats going on locally.

What about interest rates? How about 3.37% for a 30 year fixed. we are at or near record lows! The only time it was this good was in the end of 2012. So basically, rates are the lowest they’ve been in the history of earth! what are you waiting for! buy that new house and lock in that rate!

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We hope you enjoyed our September 2016 Real Estate Market Update!  Keep coming back from more real estate market updates and more awesome content!

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