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“We’ll Take You Home” The Whole Hearted story.

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Yesterday, I had an idea formulated of what I was going to write about this morning. I shared the idea with my daughter-in-law, “good idea” . Talked to Trevor about it this morning. and added to the idea. Then I sat down to write. I reviewed our“Big Why” Our “Big Why ” is what we have defined as our reason and purpose. to go forward In essence what we feel is our life’s mission. What happened next humbled and scared me. I was prompted to write an entirely different message today.

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Initially I had thoughts of people “can’t handle the weight” of this information. I am not worthy of this connection. It took me a minute to breath in, take a look around, be grateful. and lean into vulnerability. By doing so I have once again opened myself to be more authentic as I unravel the connection to reveal something deeper. Today’s writing is data with a soul the story and inspiration for our tagline.

On June 26th, 2010, our 5th child and daughter Kiersten “Roo” went missing. I don’t have words to adequately describe the next two days. It was days of searching, pleading and finally just begging for someone to find our daughter. We needed to know where our baby was. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare and moments that have forever changed our lives. Our daughter Kiersten “Roo” age 18 who had struggled with mental illness was taken from us by suicide. This began our long and excruciatingly difficult grief journey, a journey that no parent can ever be prepared to take.

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I thought this morning about a TED talk by Brene Brown that I read in 2011. The Power of Vulnerability. Brene Brown defines living vulnerable as living whole hearted. It has been a long journey as we attempt to redefine our simplest of”why”. Our familiar worn path of home and security was forever gone as we knew it. In the desire to find the familiar we found more. We became more fully aware of others and their struggles. We learned to embrace it all, our beauty, heartaches and our mistakes. We’ve learned to let go and say we”re sorry and fix it.

In the process of creating our tagline, I came across the red sparkle tennis shoes. Roo would have LOVED those shoes. They became symbolic of our big why and what we wanted to achieve. For us the red shoes represent being authentic, real and vulnerable. They represent hope and courage. to takes steps that are unfamiliar . They represents a beautiful heartache on a path to making a difference.

We understand the desire to return to the familiar. We value a worn path home and acknowledge security as a gift. This is what drives us. The road to home requires courage, trust and vulnerability.

We’ll Take You Home.

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